Secure Private Mailbox Rental

When you rent a mailbox with us you shall have a reliable address to receive your mail and packages and the convenience of 24-hour access. Use our forwarding service to receive mail here and have it sent to you anywhere in the world. Would you like to know whether you have mail without making a trip to our center? Just call.

Never Miss A Package

Our center will accept package delivery, overnight letters, CODs and registered mail. We shall send you an email notification for any packages received. You can go about your normal business knowing that your packages and your mail will be waiting for you at Mail Box & Postal.

Not A Resident In Los Angeles County...Not A Problem!

We can open a mailbox for you even if you do not reside in Los Angeles County. This service is used for individuals and companies that need an additional physical street address without the added expense of conducting business or actually being in the local area. We can receive your mail and forward it to anywhere you wish. In addition, we can create custom mailbox solutions if you require, sub mailboxes, or more space, special rebate programs, temporary mailboxes for HR recruiting etc. Whether you're soliciting confidential resumes or answering personal ads, we are here to help.

Application & Pricing for Mailbox Rental (in PDF format)